Dec 1 - Dec 7

Icy Week

After a brief appearance last week, the sun remained hidden. Everything was coated in ice. 

Ice on shadecloth.jpg

Three Rivers Community Foundation

Our hearts were warmed, however, when we received notification from Three Rivers Community Foundation that Blue Mountain Wildlife has been awarded a $1,000 grant to fund education in the Tri-Cities area. Thank You 3RCF! We appreciate your generous support very much.

Gunshot Sharp-shinned Hawk from Yakima

Sharpie Yakima.jpg

Sadly, the first bird admitted this past week, an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk, had a nonrepairable wing fracture. An x-ray confirmed that he had been shot. The pellet entered the right side of the hawk's chest, shattered the humerus, lodging in the elbow. Both the elbow and shoulder joints were also damaged.

Sharpie rad.jpg

Short-eared Owl

A Short-eared Owl was taken to Prosser Animal Hospital and  transported to Pendleton with help from volunteers Vanessa and Laurel and the Tribal Bus Service. The owl appears to have beem tangled in a barbed-wire fence, damaging his right wing. He is responding well to treatment, but will probably never fly normally.

SE Owl  Prosser.jpg

Red-tailed Hawk

ODFW delivered an injured Red-tailed Hawk from Stanfield. The hawk has a fractured ulna. We will take x-rays this week at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic to make sure we haven't missed any injuries.

RTHA Stanfield.jpg

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