Lynn's Journal

Oct 23 - Oct 29

GHOW 17-624

Slowing Down

Business is slowing down as the days shorten. Raptors admitted this past week included one Great Horned Owl and three migrating Sharp-shinned Hawks.

Great Horned Owl 17-624

We’re not sure what this Great Horned Owl crashed into, but it must have happened at least a week before she was found by hunters. …

Oct 16 - Oct 22


Golden Eagle 17-615

GOEA before

The week started with an adult, male Golden Eagle who was hit by a car near John Day, OR.  He had been feeding on a road killed deer when he flew into a passing car. Fortunately, no bones were broken. Initially he was pretty sore and did not want to stand. …

Oct 9 - Oct 15

GHOW netting

Great Horned Owl 17-602

The first admission last week was a Great Horned Owl who was found tangled in the netting of a pheasant pen. He has a laceration above his left foot. With luck he will be releasable once the wound heals. We could see no other damage on a radiograph.

Oct 2 - Oct 8

New X-ray System

We Are Back To Full Strength And Them Some Thanks To You!!!

Craig from Les Wilkens & Associates spent two days in the clinic this past week installing the new x-ray system. We learned a lot and experimented with the many options in order to get the best images possible, especially for smaller birds. …

Sep 25 - Oct 1


Our Thanks To The Kinsman Foundation

We received notice this week that The Kinsman Foundation has awarded Blue Mountain Wildlife a $12,000 grant for 2018 operating expenses. We are very grateful to the foundation for their on-going, generous support of BMW and wildlife rehabilitation throughout Oregon. 

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