Dec 8 - Dec 14

A Starving Owl & Robin vs Window

A starving Great Horned Owl was found in a Prosser, WA parking lot. Volunteer Jay met the finder and transported the owl to Kennewick and put him on the Tribal Bus to Pendleton. Volunteers Dan and Claudia picked up an American Robin that had flown into a window in Richland and put it on the same bus. 

The owl is able to eat whole food now, although a shoulder injury may prevent him from flying. X-rays will be scheduled at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic. The Robin has been released!

GHOW Prosser.jpg

New Bat Cave

On Tuesday, volunteer Jerri worked on recovering a large bat cage. The original frame is still good, but the fabric cover succombed to the elements some time ago. With luck it will be finished next week, then we'll have photos!

Thank You Three Rivers Community Foundation

On Wednesday, Bob and I and BMW Board Member Susan Smith attended an assembly of 46 nonprofit organizations that Three Rivers Community Foundation supports.  BMW was presented with a $1,000 grant to support education programs in the Tri-Cities area. Thank You 3RCF!

Christmas Comes Early

Christmas came early for 5 birds this week. On Thursday the Robin (from Monday), an American Coot and a Ruddy Duck were released at McNary Wildlife Refuge in Burbank, and two Northern Saw-whet Owls were released at nearby Sacajewa Park. Winnie created this short Christmas video:

5 Days of Releases.jpg

Busy Friday

An injured Great Blue Heron was found in Lions Park in Walla Walla and taken to the Animal Hospital of Walla Walla. Bob and I had already planned a trip to Andy's Market, just a short distance from the hospital so it was an easy pick up. The heron has a back injury and is unable to stand. Improvement has been minimal. The prognosis is not good.

We had also received a call regarding an injured hawk at Walla Walla Community College, but the hawk disappeared before it could be captured. Shortly after returning home another call came in. The hawk had been found and was on its way to Pendleton! It is a Cooper's Hawk that flew into a window. An exam revealed blood in the mouth and trachea and labored breathing. Fortunately it is responding well to supportive care and the prognosis for release is good.

Coopers Hawk.jpg

A Robin who had been mauled by a cat was taken to Pet Health Clinic in Sunnyside on Friday. One of the clinic technicians lives in Prosser and met volunteer Laurel. Laurel met Bob in Umatilla on Saturday morning with the Robin. Bob gave Laurel 5700 frozen mice. BMW's rodent supplier offered us an awesome Black Friday Special and I ordered 12,000 mice to be fed to baby owls next summer at the Tri-Cities Center's hack site - my first ever Black Friday purchase! Sadly, the Robin's injuries were too extensive to be repaired and it was humanely euthanized.

Thank you Volunteers

Even on a relatively slow week many dedicated volunteers give of there time and talents to keep BMW running smoothly. We are fortunate indeed. Thank you volunteers!  

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