Nov 24 - Nov 30

A Season of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday provides an opportunity to pause and consider all we have to be thankful for. I am thankful for you, the members and supporters of Blue Mountain Wildlife. Your generous donations of time, talents and finances allow BMW to help people connect with the natural world in an educational setting and offer wildlife, such as the Northern Saw-whet Owl below, a second chance. The injured owl was found in Yakima last week. With the help of multiple volunteers, he was transported to Pendleton and is currently recovering from a shoulder injury.


Breakfast Alfresco

On Thanksgiving day the temperature reached a cloudy 60 degrees. On Sunday, after an overnight low of 9 degrees, the high was a sunny 34 degrees. Nikki, a Barbary Falcon, takes the variable weather in stride.

Nikki alfresco.jpg

Another First

A diminutive Ruddy Duck, the first of its species to be admitted to BMW, was mauled by a dog in Pasco this past week. She seems to be responding well to antibiotics and supportive care.

Ruddy Duck.jpg

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