Oct 18 - Oct 25

Owl Lumpectomy

A Great Horned Owl was caught in a chicken coop. He had a large bloody lump on the top of his head. The lump was removed and tissue samples sent to OSU Veterinary Diagnostic Lab for analysis. The pathologist thought the lump may have been the result of trauma and that its removal and antibiotic therapy should be be curative.

GHOW mass 1.jpg
GHOW mass 2.jpg
GHOW mass 3.jpg

Four days after surgery the owl's appetite had returned and he was very feisty. 

GHOW mass 4.jpg

Western Screech Owl with a Headache

This little owl received a head injury when the tree he was roosting in was cut down. He doesn’t appear to have any broken bones, but there is hemorrhage in both eyes indicating he received a blow to the head. He is eating well and getting much more active. Hopefully he will make a full recovery with cage rest.

Screech with headache .jpg

Another Gunshot Hawk

This adult, female Red-tailed Hawk is the 18th documented gunshot bird in 2015. The prognosis for her recovery is very poor. There are impacted fractures in the left radius and ulna at the wrist, a mid-shaft ulna fracture, and the left elbow and shoulder are dislocated. She weighs an amazing 1307 grams, obviously a very successful hunter. We will do weekly physical therapy under anesthesia while the fractures heal in hopes of maintaining range of motion in the wrist and elbow.

RTHA & Samantha.jpg

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