Oct 12 - Oct 18

Gunshot Owl Flies Free

A Great Horned Owl was admitted on September 12 with fractures in his right ulna and scapula. This week he was released at McKay Wildlife Refuge. For a second we thought he was going to take the towel with him, but he soon dropped it. It was very satisfying to see him fly free.

GHOW release.jpg

Three Western Screech Owls and an American Kestrel were also released this week. Below, Samantha releases the Kestrel.

Kestrel release.jpg

More Gunshot Birds

A Rock Dove literally walked into Deans Sportswear on Main Street in Pendleton. It entered through their open back door. It must have been shot in the parking lot behind the store. 


An adult Cooper’s Hawk was found in Boardman. It too had been shot. The damage to both birds was non-repairable.

Cooper's H.jpg

 The recent incidence of gunshot birds prompted long-time friend Jim Nelson to offer this poem. 

Raptor Poem.001.jpg

Jim has published a booklet of poems titled Cabin Boy of Falconry that will be available at the Fall Washington Falconry Association meet later this month. Thank you Jim!

Ending on a Positive Note

Laurel traveled to North Pasco to capture a Great Horned Owl that had been seen sitting on the ground for several hours. The woman who spotted the owl thought it was injured and didn’t want to attempt to capture it by herself. The owl flew away as Laurel approached, leaving behind the pheasant that it had been guarding. Hopefully it retrieved its dinner later on, but at least it wasn’t injured!

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