Oct 10 - Oct 16

An Electrocution and Multiple Collisions

The first raptor admitted this past week was a Red-tailed Hawk that had been electrocuted and had had his right leg literally cooked from the heel joint to his toes. He could not be saved.

Next came an adult Golden Eagle who was hit by a truck. Both shoulders and elbows were damaged, his right humerus and left tibiotarsus were fractured. There was too much damage to repair.

GOEA rads.001

Thursday brought a Red-tailed Hawk with three broken bones: an ulna in the left wing, the left tibiotarsis and the left scapula. Too much damage to repair.

RTHA rads.001

On Friday a Cooper’s Hawk was admitted. His right shoulder is dislocated. The wing has been immobilized. Hopefully tincture of time will work it’s magic.

Cooper's head
Cooper's Hawk rad

Our First Ruddy Duck

We admitted a new species this past week, an adult male Ruddy Duck in winter plumage. He has a damaged foot. We’re not sure if he will be releasable, but he loves the gourmet meals that Samantha and Natalie are preparing for him!

Ruddy Duck

The Screech Owls Have a New Roof

In between bouts of wind and rain this past week we replaced the shade cloth on the Screech Owl Pen. Winnie took a few photos. It still needs more trimming, but the weather wasn’t very cooperative this week. 

Screech Pen 1
Screech Pen 2

 Jimmy Hoffa Released

As promised Hanford biologist Justin Wilde sent photos of Barn Owl Jimmy Hoffa’s release.

Jimmy Hoffa Release

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