Oct 17 - Oct 23

RTHA 16-835

As someone once said, “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” That pretty well sums up Red-tailed Hawk 16-835. First his leg was broken when someone shot him. The hawk was able to scavenge roadkill while his leg healed. Then he was hit by a car, shattering his right ulna, damaging the right wrist, elbow and shoulder. 

Gunshot RTHA.jpg.001

RTHA 16-837

Red-tailed Hawk 16-837 also had a broken right wing. The fracture had healed, but because it had not been immobilized, a very large callus had formed. The concern is that the callus will prevent the radius from moving freely, and the hawk will not be able to fly normally. Hopefully, with physical therapy, she will regain full range of motion of the wing.

RTHA 16-837 edit.001

GHOW 16-838

Great Horned Owl 16-838 was found hanging in a barbed-wire fence. He was taken to Animal Clinic East in Walla Walla. The owl’s wound was cleaned and bandaged and then he was transported to BMW’s Pendleton Center. The prognosis for a complete recovery is very good.

Thank You Natalie

We said goodbye to intern Natalie on Saturday. She has been a great help these past 8 weeks. We wish you many great adventures!

Natalie & owl.001

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