Sep 8 - Sep 14

Baby Quail!

Fall is in the air, but apparently some birds missed the memo Mother Nature sent out regarding shorter days and cooler nights. On Monday, 11 baby California Quail were found wandering a Pendleton neighborhood without their parents. They are not much more than a week old in this photo taken Sunday afternoon.

11 CA Quail.jpg

Two More Barn Owls

Two fledgling Barn Owls were discovered in an apple box in an orchard near Yakima. The boxes had been moved from various storage locations to a staging area in preparation for harvest. They are old enough to fly, but not proficient hunters yet. That brings the 2014 young Barn Owl total to 95 (there were 93 in 2013). 

Although overall numbers are down this year - we are on track to have 550 admissions in 2014 as compared to 654 in 2013 - food costs  are still extremely high, and will no doubt approach $50,000 as they did in 2013.

And More Damage by Cats

A Silver-haired Bat and another Nighthawk were admitted after having been mauled by cats. Both died of their injuries.

Enjoying the Sunshine

Resident Turkey Vulture Daryl enjoys some afternoon sun.

Daryl sunning.jpg

The young Golden Eagle from Cove relaxes on a perch after a quick dip in a bath pan. Her coordination is improving, but she still is unable to fly.

GOEA Cove.jpg

Immature Sharp-shinned Hawk

An injured Sharp-shinned Hawk was found at Columbia Crest Winery on Friday. An exam revealed she was extremely thin and the coracoid in her left shoulder was fractured. We planned to take x-rays on Monday, but she died during the night.

Ed Team Back on the Road

The Education Team will travel to Prosser, WA on Friday, Sept. 19 to visit with 3rd graders at Prosser Heights Elementary School.

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