Nov 21 - Nov 27

A Season to be Thankful

All of us at Blue Mountain Wildlife are very grateful to our many supporters who have generously contributed their time, talents and finances to support our work. Although our patients don’t appreciate your efforts, we are very thankful for you.

Barn Owl face

Merlins from Everywhere

Merlins are a small, fierce falcon that hunt small birds. Their powerful flight results in serious injuries if they collide with cars, wires, windows or other objects. They are not a common bird at BMW, but five have been admitted in a two week period. They have come from Yakima, Sunnyside, Prosser, Walla Walla in Washington and Madras, OR. All were seriously injured. The bird from Yakima was euthanized. The WallaWalla Merlin died of her injuries. The three remaining birds are recovering.

Merlin Madras

More Raptors

A Western Screech Owl, a Prairie Falcon, a Red-tailed Hawk and a Flammulated Owl were also admitted this past week. The Screech Owl died during transport to the center. The remaining birds were too badly injured to save. It was a rough week. Below is the radiograph of the tiny Flammulated Owl. It was a bit thin at 45 grams. The humerus is fractured in two places.

Flamm rad.001

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