June 15 - June 21

Thank You Alaska Airlines

Truth is stranger than fiction. A guy in Idaho thought it would be funny to load hay onto a hay truck without telling the truck driver that 6 baby Barn Owls were in the hay. The truck traveled to West Yellowstone, Montana where the hay was unloaded and the owls were discovered. They were taken to the closest wildlife rehabilitation center, the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman, Montana. 

MRCC doesn’t normally admit Barn Owls and didn’t know of any resident populations that these owlets could be fostered into. Fortunately, rehabbers are resourceful and great at networking. It took a few emails and phone calls, several very dedicated volunteers and a generous and gracious response from Alaska Airlines to BMW supporter Tom Eshleman’s request to transport the owls from Bozeman to Spokane free of charge.

Three days after the initial inquiry by MRCC, the owls were at BMWs hack site. Thank you volunteers, friends and Alaska Airlines.


Cats 2 BMW 0

A fledgling Northern Saw-whet Owl was admitted with multiple puncture wounds from being mauled by a cat. The tiny owl died of his injuries despite our best effort. A fledgling Robin suffered the same fate. If at all possible, please keep cats indoors.

Saw-whet cat wounds.jpg
Puncture wounds 2.jpg

Some Numbers From The Past Week

  • 9 Baby Barn Owls to bring the yearly total to 184
  • 9 Nestling or Fledgling Kestrels Admitted
  • 335 Total Raptors in 2015
  • 519 Total Admissions for 2015

Theses 3 Kestrels became homeless when their nest tree was cut down.

3 Kestrels.jpg

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