Aug 17 - Aug 23

New X-Ray Machine

Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are to Cathy Oliver who made Blue Mountain Wildlife a beneficiary in her will. Cathy’s amazing gift has made it possible for BMW to purchase an x-ray machine. It will now be possible to x-ray birds during the initial intake exam allowing their condition to be evaluated more quickly, minimizing stress and saving both time and money.

IMG 0757.jpg

Interns in Action

The day after the x-ray machine was installed an injured Golden Eagle was found in Baker County along the Burnt River.  It took just over one hour to examine the eagle, take x-rays, complete initial blood work, administer IV fluids and other medications consistant with our intake protocol. The eagle has a closed fracture of the right humerus, damage in the right shoulder and elbow and an estimated white blood cell count of 41,500, indicating she was already fighting an infection before her wing was broken.  We will email the x-rays to Pendleton Veterinary Clinic to evaluate for surgery.

Interns & GOEA.jpg
GOEA 15-776 rad.001.jpg
GOEA & Jenae & Bob.jpg

About the time the eagle had recovered from anesthesia, Bob arrived with an injured Crow who had been transported on the Tribal Bus from Kennewick. An x-ray showed that its right shoulder was badly damaged and not repairable.

Crow rad.jpg

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