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Thank You Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Word has been received that Blue Mountain Wildlife has been awarded a $3,000 grant by Blue Mountain Community Foundation. The grant will support BMW’s Education Program during the 2016-2017 school year. Thank you BMCF! We are very grateful for your support. 

TV Makeover

Darryl and Darrell have new digs (or at least a new roof)! Thank you to Winnie, Natalie, Tom and Bob for all your work. The new Turkey Vulture Pen roof looks great! Winnie documented our efforts before, during and after…

TV 1
TV 2
TV 3
TV 4

Barn Owl 16-808, aka Jimmy Hoffa

As we like to say, you really can’t make this stuff up, truth is stranger than fiction. Volunteer Laurel received a call about an injured Barn Owl. For some reason the owl had decided to roost in a pile of gravel. When a front-end loader scooped up a load of gravel, the owl ended up in the bucket. Fortunately for the owl, a sharp-eyed  worker spotted a wingtip and beak sticking up out of the gravel and signaled the loader operator to stop. She was literally seconds from being dumped in a large cement mixer! Perhaps that explains her attitude. She is not very happy with humans, and who can blame her. 

Barn Owl Hoffa

She does not appear to have any injuries. The white specks in the radiograph below are sand and gravel. We are giving her fluides and cage rest for a couple of days before doing a test flight.

Jimmy Hoffa rad

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