Sep 22 - Sep 28

Four Owls a Racing Pigeon and a Bat

This year three-quarters of BMW's  admissions have come from Washington, so it was an unusual week when everyone had an Oregon address. There were two Great Horned Owls from John Day (on different days of course), a Racing Pigeon from Ione (we are searching for its owner), a Silver-haired Bat from Pendleton, a Western Screech Owl from Milton-Freewater and a Burrowing Owl from Baker City.

One Great Horned Owl was extremely emaciated and died. The other Great Horned Owl was found tangled in a barbed-wire fence. One wing was damaged too badly to save and he was humanely euthanized. The Silver-haired Bat was mauled by a cat and died of his injuries.

S-H Bat.jpg

Screech Owl

A Western Screech Owl came down a chimney and was trapped in a fire place. Fortunately she was not injured. After three days of hydration and all the mice she wanted to eat, she was returned to Milton-Freewater and released.

Common Nighthawk

A Nighthawk was also released. An x-ray showed the right coracoid was fractured and the right scapula displaced. Miraculously they both healed. Winnie edited this video of its release.  

Nighthawk rad.jpg

Winnie also used Google Earth to create a map that shows BMW's service area, the location of 2014 admissions and education programs as well as the Pendleton and Tri-Cities centers. It includes an area of about 39,000 square miles!

Service Map Final.jpg

American White Pelican

On Monday we took x-rays at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic of the pelican that had been found in a goat pen north of Pendleton. Its back is broken. The yellow arrows show the orientation of the spine above and below the fracture. The red arrow is pointing at the fracture site. 

Pelican rad.jpg

The  pelican walks with difficulty, but is able to sit up on his hocks. The prognosis for a complete recovery is remote, but we couldn't give up on the bird. Massage therapist Terri Hahn of Full Circle Body Works worked on the pelican's back. Then it was moved outside to the "pelican condo" that intern Emily created in the large flight pen.

Pelican Condo.jpg

Burrowing Owl

On Thursday Baker City volunteer Tara helped transport an injured Burrowing Owl to Pendleton. Initially the owl had great difficulty standing. It has improved enough to be able to eat bite-sized pieces of mouse from a dish. Below, intern Emily holds the owl while it recovers from anesthesia.

Burrowing Owl.jpg

Heritage Days

The education team spent Friday and Saturday at Sacajawea Park in Pasco, WA. Friday was just for students. Twelve classes stopped by BMW's display to learn about raptors.

Thank You Volunteers and Washington Fish & Wildlife

We are grateful for help from many people this week. A special thanks to WDFW who provided BMW with 2 1/2 large coolers of fish - Northern Pikeminnow - caught in the Collumbia River.

Happy Duck Video

A duck was found on the campus of Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. It had bumblefoot in its right foot. It was taken to Animal Clinic East where it was examined and then put on the Tribal Bus to Pendleton. It is recovering nicely and is now a very happy duck!

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