Sep 21 - Sep 27

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Blue Mountain Wildlife received notice this past week of two grant awards. A $2,000 grant from Blue Mountain Foundation of Walla Walla will support BMW’s education program. A $12,000 grant from The Kinsman Foundation will support operational expenses. We are very grateful for the support of these two foundations.

Another Gunshot Bird

An injured Cooper’s Hawk was found near John Day with a suspicious looking wound on its side. X-rays confirmed that the hawk had been shot with an air rifle. The pellet entered the bird on the lower right side and lodged just under the skin on the upper left. The hawk died from internal hemorrhaging.

Cooper rad John Day.001.jpg

Turkey Vultlure From Cashmere

Samantha has recovered this young Turkey Vulture from anesthesia. Its right radius and ulna are both fractured very close to the elbow. Unfortunately, there is probably nothing we can do to keep the elbow joint from freezing up.

Samantha & TV.jpg
TUVU Blue Mountain Wildlife 1.jpg

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