Oct 31 - Nov 6

Lots of releases, plus a kestrel, 3 owls and a Hummingbird in November!

This week brought a Kestrel with fractured metacarpals (the bones in his wingtip).

AMKE photo

Next came a Long-eared Owl with a compound fracture in its right humerus - the injury was old and not repairable. 

LEOW 16-852

The middle of the week was quiet and we released lots of birds: 2 House Finches, a Gold Finch and 5 Mourning Doves at the Pendleton Center. The Ruddy Duck was released at McNary Wildlife Refuge at Burbank, WA - after being weighed one last time…

Ruddy duck

A Sharp-shinned  Hawk was also released at McNary Wildlife Refuge and a Cooper’s Hawk was released at Sacajewea Park in Pasco.

Cooper's release.001

GHOW 16-853 - Gunshot Bird #31

The week ended with two Great Horned Owls and a Hummingbird! The first owl came from Dr. Lindsay Norman, Ontario Animal Hospital. The owl has a fractured ulna, caused by being struck with an air rifle pellet. Hopefully the owl will make a complete recovery. He’s got lots of attitude!

GHOW 16-853 rad gunshot.001
GHOW 16-853 photo

GHOW 16-854 - Possible Electrocution

The second Great Horned Owl came from Yakima, WA. He doesn’t have any broken bones, but he is unable to fly. The wound on the tip of his right wing looks like he may have been electrocuted. All we can do is treat the owl’s symptoms and see what happens.

GHOW Selah

While we were treating the second owl there was a knock at the door and a man delivered a hummingbird. It was very cold. 


Generally hummingbirds have headed south by the first part of September. After warming up and drinking some sugar water the hummingbird was feeling much better, flying around the clinic for several minutes before being captured. We need to find him a ride south!

Mark Your Calendar: November 17

Blue Mountain Wildlife will be featured on OPB Television’s Oregon Field Guide on Thursday, November 17 at 8:30 p.m. BMW will be the second story in the program.

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