Oct 28 - Nov 3

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Fond Farewell

We bid Anne Marie a fond farewell on Saturday as she completed her internship and returned to Baker City. We will miss her ready smile and amazing organizational skills. I'm sure our paths will continue to cross as she is able to assist volunteer Tara in the capture and transportation of injured birds from the eastern reaches of the state.

Business continues to be slow with just three new admissions this past week.

Snow Goose

Snow Goose.jpg

An injured Snow Goose was found in a backyard bordering McKay WIldife Refuge. Snow Geese are a legally hunted species. This one managed to get away with a few pellet wounds, but no broken bones. It probably won't be fully recovered until hunting season has ended.

Cooper's Hawk

Cooper's rad.001.png

Volunteers Claudia and Dan picked up an injured Cooper's Hawk in Kennewick and put it on the tribal bus to Pendleton. An x-ray taken at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic showed massive damage to the right shoulder and the hawk was euthanized.

Western Screech Owl

Bob rescued a Western Screech Owl who was found trapped in a strorage room after entering through a stove pipe that was nolonger connected to a stove. A coffee can covering the pipe had gotten dislodged, allowing the owl to enter the pipe. The owl was thirsty and hungry, but uninjured. He will be released this week.

On Saturday Cindy Kranich made a second trip to Pendleton from John Day, this time to return a (not quite so skunky smelling) Great Horned Owl to John Day for release. She had rescued the owl a month earlier.

Thank you to all who helped this week. Blue Mountain Wildlife is very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of volunteers.

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