Oct 20 - Oct 26

Good Grief More Babies!

Two fledgling Barn Owls were removed from the duct work in a house on Wednesday. One of the owls had fallen about 10 feet down and couldn't get out. The home owner needed the services of a contracter to remove the owls, owl pellets and surplus prey items from the ducts - a smelly job!  

Fortunately the owlets are healthy and have been placed in a nest box at BMW's Tri-Cities center. They are about a week from fledging.

Barn Owl fledges.jpg

Another New Species for BMW

Also on Wednesday, a Clark's Grebe landed in a wet gravel parking lot in Pendleton. BMW Board Member Greg Holden transported the grebe to BMW. A physical exam found no injuries and he passed his swimming test so was released on the Columbia River the same day. Click on the photo below to see the release.

Clark's Grebe.jpg

Long-eared Owl

We had a blast on Friday at Screech at the Reach and also picked up an injured Long-eared Owl. The owl was hit by a car in Yakima. Volunteer Tim drove halfway to Yakima to meet the people who found the owl. She is responding well to supportive care, but is still a bit wobbly on her feet. We will schedule x-rays at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic.

LE Owl.jpg

Busy Saturday

Volunteers Claudia and Alisha responded to calls regarding an injured Crow and Barn Owl respectively. The Tribal Bus transported the Crow to Pendleton. His injuries were too extensive to be repaired. One of the Barn Owl's wings had been severed and VCA Vineyard Animal Hospital humanely euthanized him.

BMW is so fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers who give of their time and resources to rescue injured birds. 

Northern Saw-whet Owl

On Sunday a new BMW volunteer, Oliver, transported an injured Northern Saw-whet Owl from Benton City, WA to Pendleton. The owl appears to have a head and neck injury as well as a huge bruise in her mouth. She will be given supportive care and scheduled for x-rays at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic.

Saw-whet mouth.jpg

The Education Team will stay home this week and welcome the Next Steps class from Hermiston High School to the Pendleton center on Thursday.

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