Oct 2 - Oct 8

We Are Back To Full Strength And Them Some Thanks To You!!!

New X-ray System

Craig from Les Wilkens & Associates spent two days in the clinic this past week installing the new x-ray system. We learned a lot and experimented with the many options in order to get the best images possible, especially for smaller birds. So far the results have been amazing. The radiograph below was taken as an experiment. Starting with the largest bird, there is a Northern Flicker, a Western Kingbird and an Anna’s Hummingbird (it weighs 4 grams - there are 28 grams in an ounce). I have to convert the image to a jpg file in order to use it in the newsletter, so its not the same quality as what we see in the clinic, but its still a big improvement. 

Thank you for your generous donations which made the new equipment possible. We are very grateful.

Three Birds

Update on Golden Eagle 17-432 From French Glen

The radiograph below was taken using the new system.The first thing you notice is there is a lot more muscle compared to the original radiograph. The eagle has gained almost three pounds. He now weighs 9.2 pounds, just over the average weight for a male golden eagle. Unfortunately he is still unable to fly. There appears to be problems in both shoulders. We will give him a little more time to fully recover. It has been just over two months since he was hit by a vehicle.

GOEA 17-432 newest

Original Radiograph

GOEA 17-432 1

Next Step Students Visit

Each year Next Step students visit from Hermiston. We always have a fun time learning about birds.

Next Step Kids

 Kestrel Release

An American Kestrel flew into a window at a Pendleton business. Fortunately he quickly recovered after a few days of cage rest.

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