Oct 13 - Oct 19

Our thanks to The Kinsman Foundation

Blue Mountain Wildlife has been awarded a $10,000 grant from The Kinsman Foundation to be used for 2015 operating expenses. We are very appreciative of The Kinsman Foundation's generous support of wildlife rehabilitation throughout Oregon.

Red-tailed Hawks Released

After being foiled by high winds during the Open House, three Red-tailed Hawks were released this past week. Click on the photo to see Winnie's video...

Rtha release.jpg

Thank You Animal Clinic East

A Western Grebe was taken to Animal Clinic East in Walla Walla. After being examined and found to be uninjured, it was put on the tribal bus and transported to Pendleton.

Grebe at BMW.jpg

We often see grebes during fall migration. The birds land on wet pavement thinking it is a body of water. They are unable to take off because they need to run across the water in order to get air born. This grebe passed his swimming test and was released the next day in the Columbia River.

Grebe in Col. R..jpg

Burrowing Owl Update

The Burrowing Owl admitted three weeks ago unable to stand can now fly! At first we weren't sure he would survive. Now there is hope he will be releasable. 

Burowing Owl in tree.jpg

Northern Harrier Release

The week ended with the release of a young Northern Harrier.

Harrier release.jpg
Harrier flying.jpg

Great Gray Owl Enrichment

We are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our permanent residents. Sometimes it doesn't take much effort. Intern Emily used the weed eater in the Great Gray Owl aviary and the owls decided to do some interior decorating with the cuttings.

Spirit Deco 1.jpg
Spirit Deco 2.jpg

Join us on Friday for Screech at the Reach

Screech at the Reach.jpg

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