Nov 9 - Nov 15

900 and Counting

A  Painted Turtle, 15-900, was the 900th admission for the year. The turtle was found after its shell was damaged when a car ran over it. 

Turtle 1.jpg

After doing some research, we decided to use hooks, superglue and epoxy and stainless steel surgical wire to align the pieces of shell.

Turtle 2.jpg
Turtle 3.jpg

The shell is part of the turtle’s skeletal structure and must heal like a broken bone. 

Red-tailed Hawk 15-901

It seems like some things never change. A Red-tailed Hawk was found in a Pasco yard after a wind storm and was assumed to have been injured as a result of the storm. Sadly, a radiograph showed that the hawk had been shot. In addition to the ulna fractures, there may be some damage in the elbow. We will do physical therapy under anesthesia weekly in hopes of maintaining complete range of motion.

RTHA rad.001.jpg

Pygmy Owl Release

The Northern Pygmy Owl, 15-885, was admitted on Halloween after having been found in the vicinity of a cat fight. I suspect he ended up on the ground after having collided with a window and was more a witness of the cat fight than a victim (fortunately). We found one tiny puncture wound which may or may not have been caused by a cat. He was placed on antibiotics as a precaution and then released (during the day since Pygmy Owls are diurnal) after a successful test flight. 

Pygmy 1.jpg
Pygmy 2.001.jpg

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