Nov 7 - Nov 13

Barn Owl 16-856

Samantha picked up an injured Barn Owl in Weston, OR on her way to work Monday morning. The owl had been found Sunday night. Her fractured humerus could have been repaired, but the shoulder was so badly damaged that she would never be able to fly normally. Euthanasia seemed the most humane option.

BNOW 16-856.001


Merlin 16-860

This beautiful Merlin was found in Yakima. Her left elbow and shoulder are dislocated. The prognosis is grim, but we are trying.

Merlin 16-860
MERL 16-860 rad

Sharp-shinned Hawk 16-861

A male Sharp-shinned Hawk was stunned when it flew into a Pilot Rock garage. Fortunately it quickly recovered and Samantha released him the next day. I managed to get a great view of his tail in the second photo (if you look carefully).

Sharpie release 1
Sharpie release 2

Confused Snow Goose

A young Snow Goose apparently got confused in the fog, and landed in the Stanfield High School football field, during a game! A spectator captured the goose. It doesn’t appear to be injured. We will find her a better winter residence.

Snow Goose

Anna’s Hummingbird Video

Winnie used a selfie stick and her iphone to take this awesome video of the Anna’s Hummingbird admitted last week. He will be released in a Walla Walla yard on Tuesday where there are four Anna’s Hummingbirds visiting Roger and Ginger Shoemake’s feeders. He is drinking 6-8 cc’s of nectar every day and looks much better than he did on admission. He even cleans his beak after drinking!


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