Nov 4 - 10

Nighthawk Earl.jpg

Thank you!!!

The great news this week was receipt of a $7645 contribution from the Patterson Charitable Foundation. This is the second year the family foundation has made a very large donation to Blue Mountain Wildlife and we are very appreciative of their generous support. Nighthawk Earl was especially happy!

Snow Goose 2.jpg

Snow Goose Release

The Snow Goose admitted last week was released at Wildhorse Resort Golf Course. It seemed very happy to be back in the water. I came home with a bag of frozen gophers (trapped at the golf course) - I was happy too!

After 10 days of cage rest (during which time he was most uncooperative), the Great Horned Owl from La Grande was moved outside. His damaged right scapula has healed and he is able to fly. Time will tell if there will be complications from arthritis in the shoulder.

Gunshot Red-tailed Hawk

RTHA rad.001.png

The rest of the week was not nearly as positive. A Red-tailed Hawk, A Northern Saw-whet Owl and a Northern Flicker all died of their injuries while being transported to the Pendleton center. The hawk had a large wound on its chest. X-rays taken at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic showed it had been shot.


Sharp-shinned Hawk

On Saturday an immature Sharp-shinned Hawk was admitted. It has an injury in the left shoulder. X-rays will be scheduled at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic. In the meantime, she has an excellent appetite and is very feisty. In the photo there are feathers stuck to her feet - leftovers from her quail dinner...



A large goose was also admitted on Saturday (and yes, it is a domestic goose). From its description over the phone, it sounded like the goose could have lead poisoning. The lead test was negative. It has responded well to hydration and also has an excellent appetite. The goose was found at Columbia Park in Kennewick. It was probably someone's pet who was turned loose at the park and may well have been hit by a car. It seems to be progressing well along the road to recovery which means it will need a new home, as returning it to the park is not a suitable option. 

Huge thanks to volunteers Les and Diane, Samantha and Alisha for driving many miles this week and to the Tribal Bus Service for transporting all of the above mentioned birds.

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