Nov 3 - Nov 9

A Rough Week for Raptors

The week started with a Sharp-shinned Hawk and Great Horned Owl with nonrepairable wing fractures, an electrocuted Red-tailed Hawk, and a gunshot Cooper's Hawk with an elevated blood lead level from eating another bird that had been shot. The week ended with two head injuries - a Sharp-shinned Hawk from Ephrata and a Great Horned Owl from Cove.


This poor hawk was probably injured two or three weeks before he was found. There was no viable tissue in either foot. Euthanasia was the only humane option.

RTHA electrocution.jpg

Two kinds of lead poisoning

A Cooper's Hawk was found at the Port of Morrow near Boardman, OR with a broken wing. 

Cooper's & quail.jpg

An x-ray taken at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic confirmed that the wing fracture was caused by an air rifle pellet. The x-ray also showed two shotgun pellets in the abdomen.  Results of a blood lead test  were 9.9 micrograms/dl. That is not a toxic amount of lead, but high enough to warrent chelation. In addition to the shattered ulna, there is also damage in the hawk's wrist. Although we are hopeful, the prognosis for a releasable bird is guarded.

Cooper rad.jpg

Head Injuries

The prognosis for the Sharp-shinned Hawk with a head injury seems much better. We will schedule an x-ray to make sure we didn't miss something during the physical exam. The Great Horned Owl has a partially collapsed eye. Time will tell if she has any vision in her right eye.

GHOW Cove.jpg

Welcome back Jerri

Jerri volunteers one day a week after the summer interns leave. Wednesday was her first day back.


Volunteer Appreciation

BMW is fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers who help in many ways including transporting injured birds. On Sunday Dan and Claudia drove to Othello to pick up a Sharp-shinned Hawk who flew into a window in Ephrata. Each year volunteers drive thousands of miles and donate hundreds of hours of their time to help save injured wildife. Thank you volunteers. BMW could not function without you.

some volunteers.jpg

Education Team on the Road

The Education Team will provide the program at the monthly Pendleton Bird Club meeting on Thursday, November 13, 6:30 pm at the First Christian Church in Pendleton.

On Saturday, November 15 the Team will participate in the Barn Burner at the TRAC in Pasco, WA from 11 am - 4 pm.

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