Nov 10 - Nov 16

Sharpie Release

The Sharp-shinned Hawk that volunteers Dan and Claudia helped transport from Ephrata to Pendleton last Sunday was released two days later. The hawk was stunned when it flew into a window, but quickly recovered. Since birds are currently migrating south, we decided not to transport the hawk 164 miles north to Ephrata. Volunteer Jerri, who helped in the clinic on Tuesday, did the honors in Pendleton. Click on the photo below to see a video of the release. Thank you to all of BMW's amazing volunteers who made this rescue and release possible!

Sharpie Release.jpg

A Pair of Saw-whets

Two more Northern Saw-whet Owls were admitted this past week, one from Ephrata and one from Benton City. Both are a little thin. The owl from Ephrata appeared to have a head injury, but is recovering nicely. We could find no injuries on the second owl. Both are eating two mice a day - that's nearly half their body weight! The weather is supposed to warm up a bit this week. If so the owls can go outside to acclimate and be released in a few days.

Snow Day

Winter has come early this year. We had snow on Thursday, then single digit temperatures Friday and Saturday nights. Brrrrrrrrrrr    

Snow Day.jpg

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