May 15 - May 21

Now There Are Four - Young Red-tailed Hawks

Four baby RTHA's

From left to right: Pink, Orange, Blank and Green. Pink fell out of a nest near Patterson, WA and was fed an inappropriate diet for three days, but seems to be OK. Orange fell from a nest near the Tri-Cities and has multiple injuries in his right wing and left hip. Blank is the youngster with the fractured humerus which healed in less than a week, but may have elbow problems. Green appears to have landed on his right shoulder, but will hopefully be OK. Below is Orange’s radiograph.

RTHA 17-198.001

Great Horned Owl 17-193

Fledgling GHOW

This is fuzzy Great Horned Owl number six for the season. One owlet was returned to his family, four are in a hack box. This guy is anemic and may be fighting an infection. Well know as soon as his lab work is completed. In the mean time, hes feisty and has a great appetite. Hopefully he will soon be ready to join the other owls in the hack box.

Golden Eagle 17-132

GOEA 17-132

The eagle was hit by a car on April 22 receiving a head injury. It took nearly two weeks to get him to eat on his own, and another week out in a flight pen for him to start flying. His improvement seems to be kicking into high gear now. He is flying and landing on perches with much greater accuracy. He is looking more and more like a releasable eagle!

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