May 11 - May 17

 Call Before You Rescue/Kidnap

Wildlife babies are growing fast. Many species of birds have fledged and are learning to fly. They often spend time on the ground, exploring their world, practicing flight and foraging skills. Their parents are keeping watch and feeding them, but it is a dangerous time for these youngsters. They are particularly susceptible to being injured by cats and dogs. Please keep cats indoors and check your yard before letting your dog outside. This can be a wonderful opportunity for your entire family to discreetly watch as the parent birds care for their young and help them learn the skills they will need to become successful adults. And don’t assume a bird on the ground that cannot fly is injured. If you approach a bird on the ground and nearby birds get very agitated, you have probably interrupted a family group. Unless the bird on the ground is obviouslly injured, it probably does not need to be rescued. Please call and we will help you assess the situation: 541-278-0215

Some of This Past Week’s Rescues

This American Kestrel needed to be rescued. He bailed  out of his nest, a cavity under the eve of a building, a little early. He is uninjured. We will try and reunite him with his family.

AMKE brancher.jpg

This fledgling Red-tailed Hawk was a thought to be an injured adult. Her short tail feathers and still growing primary wing feathers indicate that she is a young bird. We may not be able to reunite her with her family in Yakima, but there is a family of Red-tailed Hawks at the Tri-Cities Center that she may be able to join.

RTHA fledge.jpg

 First Flight at the Hack Site

Volunteer Toni Faust took these photos of young Barn Owls taking their first flight at the Tri-Cities Center. Landings are always the hardest…

Getting Ready.jpg
First flight.jpg
First Landing.jpg

Toni captured these young Long-eared Owls quietly watching the Barn Owls. 

LEOWs by Toni.jpg

Thank You Volunteers

Many volunteers helped with feeding and cleaning chores at the Tri-Cities Center this past week. They also helped transport birds to both the Pendleton and Tri-Cities Centers. Thank you McAllister Family, Laurel, Claudia and Dan, Toni, Suzanne, Kathy C., Jay and Barb, Sam and Penny, Susan, Melody and Bob. 

Welcome Jean

We welcomed new intern Jean Acuna today. She will start Veterinary School in Alaska this fall. Brittany began showing Jean the ropes as soon as she was settled in the intern trailer.

IMG 0340 (1).jpg

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