Mar 9 - Mar 15

Momma Owl Slowly Improving

GHOW upright.jpg

The owl admitted last week with a brood patch and a back injury is making slow progress. She is able to sit up on her hocks and is eating on her own. After consulting with Dr. Jeff Cooney we have begun physical therapy twice a day.

Barbed-wire: Scourge of the West

Of the five birds admitted for care this past week, three (two Great Horned Owls and a Western Screech Owl) were found tangled in barbed-wire fences. The previous week, a Red-tailed Hawk had an encounter with barbed-wire. The Screech Owl died before she could be treated. The two Great Horned Owls had extensive wing damage that could not be repaired. The hawk is recovering, but will need extensive physical therapy and, even then, may not be able to fly normally.

Playtime Education Preschool

On Thursday, the preschool class from Playtime Education and several parents toured the center. The kids had been learning about predators and the food they eat and how much BMW spends on food each year. They collected quarters and told me what type of food they wanted to buy with their donation: a mouse, a rat or a quail. Some raised enough to buy one of each! 

Preschool donation.jpg
Pre-school kids.jpg

On the Go with Winnie

Winnie, my part-time assistant, received a GoPro camera for her birthday recently. She wears the camera while feeding in the morning. I will occasionally share some of her pictures. Below is a curious Screech Owl and a Turkey Vulture soaking up the morning sun.

Screech on the go.jpg
TV on the go.jpg

Save the Date

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