Mar 23 - Mar 29

Baby Barn Owls

The first baby Barn Owls of the season hatched this past week at BMW’s Tri-Cities Center. Three batches of eggs have come from haystacks that have been moved. Michele estimates she will be feeding about a dozen baby owls by next weekend.

3 babies.jpg

Fortunately, there are potential foster moms nesting in five of the nest boxes at the hack site. These babies will be moved to a nest box in about four weeks when they will be large enough to swallow a whole mouse. They will continue to be fed mice, but a foster mom will likely bring them food as well. 

It’s Mine and I’m Not Sharing

Toni Faust captured these Burrowing Owls (with a camera). They don’t seem to be interested in sharing.

Burrowing Owls.jpg

Electrical Burns Finally Healed

It took nearly two-and-a-half months to heal a large electrical burn on the side of a Great Horned Owl after he was electrocuted in January. He has been moved to a flight pen for conditioning. Below are before and after pictures of his wounds.

GHOW 1.jpg
GHOW elect.jpg

Cedar Waxwing

This Cedar Waxwing was found in a backyard, unable to fly. It may have hit a window. After a week of cage rest it seems to be dong well, enjoying fruit and mealworms. It will get a test flight soon.

Cedar Waxwing.jpg

Join Us At The REACH On Friday

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