Mar 16 - Mar 22

Spring is Here

Maggie is trying her hand, or perhaps I should say her beak, at nest building. She is adding mud to the wooden nest that was placed in her aviary last year.

Maggie Nest 3.jpgMaggie Nest 2.jpg

New Perch in the Hawk Pen

Volunteer Toni installed a new perch in the Buteo Pen. The branch was donated by Artisitc Treeworks of Richland, WA. Thank you Toni and Artistic Treeworks!

New Hawk Perch.jpg

Prairie Falcon

This Prairie Falcon dislocated his elbow when he collided with a wire in a vineyard near Prosser, WA. The elbow slipped back into place under anesthesia. Hopefully the joint will stabilize with a couple weeks of cage rest. 

Prairie F anesthesia.jpg

Spring Reminders

It is time for wildife to have their young. Many birds nests in cavities in trees like the Western Screech Owls below. Please wait until fall to do any major pruning of trees. Some birds nest on the ground. Bunnies make their nests in a shallow depression on the ground. Check carefully before mowing! Cats are especially hard on baby wildlife. Please, if at all possible, keep your cat indoors.  

Baby Screeches.jpg

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