Mar 14 - Mar 20

Hunt Lead Free

Thank you to Kathy Aney and EJ Harris for a great article and photos on the benefits of hunting lead free. Click on the photo below to read the entire article. If you would like to see if your game meat hamburger contains fragments of lead, bring the packages, thawed or frozen, to the Pendleton center and we will x-ray them at no charge. Call 541-278-0215 to schedule an appointment. It only takes a few minutes. 

EO Lead.jpg

Western Screech Owl with a Headache 

This Western Screech Owl flew into a window in Yakima, WA. Volunteer Wayne picked up the owl in Yakima and transported her to Prosser Animal Hospital where she had a biref layover until volunteer Claudia could pick her up and drive to Umatilla where she met Bob who brought her on to Pendleton. The owl traveled 146 miles. BMW volunteers logged just over 300 miles rescuing the owl. They are an amazingly dedicated group of people.

The owl is able to stand, but obviously doesn’t feel well and has no interest in food. Hopefully tincture of time and supportive care will allow her to recover.

Screech 16-058.jpg

Barn Owl Flying Free at Ladd Marsh

Six weeks after being admitted with a head injury and damage to her right wingtip, this Barn Owl was returned to Ladd Marsh. We love a happy ending!

Barn release 1.jpg
Barn release 2.jpg

Fifth Bald Eagle of the Year

As I was finishing the newsletter Sunday afternoon (or so I thought), the phone rang. There was an injured Bald Eagle a few miles south of Pilot Rock. Bob loaded a large dog kennel into the van. I grabbed a towel, the net, and a hood and off we went. What we found was absolutely horrible. It was instantly obvious the eagle could not be saved. Both legs were shattered. An x-ray confirmed that he had been shot. 

BAEA wounds.jpg
BAEA rad.jpg

This is the fifth Bald Eagle of 2016. The third one that was shot. I just don’t understand.

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