June 6 - June 12

Raining Raptors

This week brought 11 American Kestrels, 7 Red-tailed Hawks, a Prairie Falcon and a Western Screech Owl, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! We were excited and honored to host a producer and videographer from Oregon Field Guide. An episode featuring BMW will air during the fall season on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

We welcomed Ariel, a Preveterinary student from Indiana and our first summer intern. She jumped in with both feet and is quickly becoming a valuable member of the team during what so far has been an insanely busy summer. There were two gunshot Crows from Richland, WA, and a Raven from Soap Lake, WA with a dislocated shoulder and two fractures in one leg. The songbirds are coming in: a House Finch, 2 Cliff Swallows, and 5 as yet to be identified insectivores. There were more birds, but I’m trying to be brief! Below are some pictures from the week.

Welcome Ariel

Ariel & towels

Two Gunshot Fledgling Crows

The first Crow was admitted on Saturday, the second one on Sunday. Both came from a residential area within the city limits of Richland, WA, both were shot with a similar projectile, and both had injuries that were about a week old. Both were euthanized.

Crow fx.001
Rimrock Crow

Fledgling Raven from Soap Lake, WA

The Raven was found along a road and was likely hit by a car. His right shoulder is dislocated and there are two fractures in his left tarsometatarsus. The shoulder has been immobilized by wrapping the right wing to the body. The leg fractures have been immobilized with a splint. The prognosis may be guarded, but young birds are very resilient. No matter the outcome, we will learn from this bird. In the mean time he/she has an amazing appetite!

Raven rad.001

Kestrel in an apple bin

This female, fledgling American Kestrel flew into an apple bin at an orchard, but was not able to get out. Learning to fly isn’t so hard, but those initial landings can be rough. She must have hit her left wingtip. The left major metacarpal is fractured. There may also be a fracture in the minor metacarpal. The wingtip was immobilized. Below, Ariel holds the Kestrel as she recovers from anesthesia.

Selah Kestrel;.001
Ariel and Kestrel

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