Jun 30 - Jul 6

We finally made the switch!

BMW's new website is up and running. It is still a work in progress, but it is in a format that we can easily change the content. Thank you to volunteer Mike Adams who maintained the original site for many years. Thank you also to Steve Morris and BMW's own Winnie Burnett for creating the new site.

Lots of babies...

Swainson's nestling.jpg

The tiny nestling Swainson's Hawk, admitted last week after falling from its nest, is slowly improving. The little guy has nearly doubled his weight and is able to hold his head almost normally. There appear to be some structural and/or neurological problems in his feet and legs requiring additional support. He has a long way to go, but he is a fighter.

Cooper's Nestling.jpg

A Cooper's Hawk youngster fell from its nest. Its head injury is less severe than the Swainson's. It is now able to eat on its own. 

Admitted the same day were an emaciated adult Red-tailed Hawk who is slowly showing improvemt, two fledgling American Kestrels, one from the Tri-Cities and one from Lind, WA, and a fledgling Western Screech Owl found hanging in a tree tangled in fishing line.


Next was an adult Black-chinned Hummingbird weighing 3 grams (that's 1/9 of an ounce)! His left wing is injured. My big fingers weren't able to palpate the wing adequately. I think the injury is in the wrist which means the prognosis is poor for a full recovery, but we will give supportive care and see what happens. 

Sunday brought a fledgling Western Kingbird found in the grill of a car. It is unknown how long the bird was in the grill - probably not more than day. Its left humerus is fractured. The bird held the wing almost normally so we taped the wing to the body and will see how it heals. Below the Kingbird is recovering from anesthesia.


Last came two very tiny babies - some type of Sandpiper I think? They are probably kidnap victims, but we have no way of reuniting them with their mom.

Sandpipers hatchling.jpg

The education team will accumulate some miles this week, traveling to Waitsburg and Walla Walla in Washington and Baker City in Oregon.

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