July 6 - July 12

Eagle returned to Lake Chelan

Don and Toni Faust returned the fledgling Bald Eagle admitted on the 4th of July to Lake Chelan. She flew free on Thursday, five days after being admitted. She ate more than a pound of trout per day as she recovered from her unintentional swim in the lake. Hopefully she will give  nesting Osprey a wide berth in the future. Thank you Don and Toni for going the extra mile (actually more than 300 miles!) for the eagle. Below are photos Toni and friends took of the release. In the first photo Don steadies the kennel as Debra Burnett, rehabber who sent the eagle to BMW, looks on.

BAEA 1.jpg
BAEA 2.jpg

A Break In The Weather

Business slowed a bit as temperatures cooled slightly. The week was not without its surprises though. Our first Sandhill Crane was admitted. It is a hatchling that someone picked up at Malheur Wildlife Refuge and took to the visitor’s center. While it is true that we love a challenge, this one is extreme. Young Sandhill Cranes stay with their parents for 9 to 10 months after hatching and are not well tolerated by other adult cranes. We are researching how best to prepare this little guy for fall migration. 


More Releases

Shakira released this Swainson’s Hawk who quickly became a speck in the sky.

Shakira Swainson's 1.jpg
Shakira Swainson's 2.jpg

Jean released this Red-tailed Hawk who flew down the hill, across the road and landed on a power pole to regroup.  

Jean RTHA.jpg

She also released this Great Horned Owl who flew to a different pole.

Jean & GHOW 2.jpg

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