July 20 - July 26

Gunshot Hawks

X-rays taken at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic revealed that both hawks admitted July 18 had been shot.   A Red-tailed Hawk from Zillah, WA was shot with a shotgun and has a fractured right ulna. 

RTHA 15-679 rad.jpg

A Swainson’s Hawk found north of Pasco has a fractured left ulna that appears to have been caused by an air rifle pellet. The pellet went through the ulna and lodged just under the skin, stopped by the humerus. We retrieved the pellet! Law enforcement has a suspect in the case. 

SWHA 15-678 rad.jpg

Farewell Shakira ~ Welcome Jenae

We wished Shakira well as she returned to Puerto Rico this past week to continue her preveterinary studies. There were 350 admissions during the two months that she was here. Thank you for all your hard work Shakira!

Shakira 2.jpg

Jenae, a Veterinary Technology student in Yakima, WA arrived later the same day that Shakira headed home. She and Chelsea have already become a great team! Both have spent a lot of time at the microscope finding an assortment of internal parasites.


 Capillaria eggs can be found in cheesy lesions in the mouth and in the feces of birds.


Haemoproteus is a parasite of red blood cells. Most of the red blood cells inside the green circle below are infected with haemoproteus. We use a human anti-malaria drug to treat haemoproteus in raptors.

SWHA 15-696 Haemoproteus.jpg

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