July 18 - July 24

Golden Eagle Denio Update

Denio arrived in Pendleton three weeks ago. Her partially healed femur fracture continues to mend. Although her right leg is shorter than the left, it is hoped that her young age will allow her to adapt with no long-term consequences. The first radiograph below was taken on admission. The second radiograph was taken 18 days later. A significant amount of healing has taken place. Eventually, as she continues to use the leg, the bone will remodel until it looks like the left femur.

GOEA rad.001
Denio 18 days

More Metabolic Bone Disease

A young Swainson’s Hawk was recently admitted to the Pendleton Center.  He had reportedly been fed sausage for three weeks. We immediately began calcium supplementation, but it was too late. The first radiograph below was taken the day of admission. The second radiograph was taken 5 days later. There are no obvious fractures in the first image. In the second image the bird’s own weight has caused the right tibiotarsus to fold over on itself, the result of extreme calcium deficiency. The hawk was euthanized.

SWHA 16-590 1.001
SWHA 16-590 2.001

Common Nighthawk

We don’t see many Nighthawks. Sadly, this little guy’s left wing was too badly damaged to repair, but look at those eyes! A Great Horned Owl’s eyes take up half the space in their skull. The Nighthawk ’s eyes appear to be even larger.

Nighthawk rad

Swainson’s Season Continues

Swainson’s Hawks spend the winter in Argentina. They have to travel a very great distance to get back to their breeding grounds. Consequently, they are one of the last raptors to fledge young. Since the first of July, 11 Swainson’s Hawks have been admitted for care. One was an adult female, the rest were nestlings or fledglings. Below, interns Ariel and Parks give a fledgling oral fluids.

Ariel & Parks & Swainson's

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