Jul 7 - Jul 13

Thank You Krazy Horse Quilters


The Krazy Horse Quilters have made a generous donation of $350, the proceeds from their annual quilt show, to Blue Mountain Wildlife. Over the past two weeks members have donated an extra $225 above their annual membership donations towards the purchase of a new incubator. The new incubator plus some needed medical supplies can now be purchased. Thank you BMW members and Krazy Horse Quilters!   

Pelican 2.jpg

Pelican Release

After two weeks of recuperating from a collision with a boat and eating lots of fish, the young pelican was released into the Walla Walla River delta. There was a slight moment of hesitation when the cage door was opened, but then he/she quickly swam away.

Electrocuted Red-tailed Hawk Update

RTHA feet 2.jpg

We have been working on the fledgling hawk for a month now. She is the first electrocuted bird admitted whose injuries were not so severe that she had to be euthanized within the first few days. Sadly, it has become apparent that she will not be releasable. To date she has lost part of one toe on her left foot and the thumb (alula) of her left wing. She will likely require surgery on her right foot as well. 

The good news is that the wounds on her wings are healing well, there was not enough healthy tissue to close the wound at the thumb surgery site, but it is granulating in, and her appetite is excellent. Watching the progression of her condition has taught us a lot about electrocution injuries.

Saga of the Osprey

Osprey reduced.jpg

On Tuesday we received a report of a young Osprey who had been knocked out of its nest by its mother who was tangled in a fishing net with a large stick attached to the net. The youngster was rescued and transported ot Pendleton. Its broken toe was splinted. The adult bird flew off and was unable to be captured.

Late Wednesday afternooon the adult was spotted tangled in the top of a russian olive tree. She was able to perch, but not able to free herself. It took until Thursday morning to find someone with the right equipment to rescue the bird. USFWS received permission from the Corps of Engineers (the tree was on their property) to cut the tree down. 

Fish reduced.jpg

When the tree came down the Osprey was still about 10 feet off the ground and uninjured in the fall. She was removed from the tree and the wad of net cut away. Amazingly, she had no major injuries and was able to be released. While the adult was being rescued a second nestling Osprey was found on the ground, presumably also accidentally knocked out of the nest by the adult. 

Adult Osprey are notoriously difficult to get to eat in captivity. Fortunately youngsters are a different matter. It is amazing how efficient they are at eating a fish!

Sad Note

Sunday ended on a sad note. As we were preparing to travel to Athena and present a program at Caledonian Days, a call came from Ontario of a baby hawk who had fallen from its nest and broken its leg.  Ontario is 163 miles from Pendleton. After numerous phone calls, and the help of Oregon State Police, volunteers Bill and Patty Hanley of Baker City and intern Megan, the Swainson's Hawk nestling arrived in Pendleton at 8:15 pm. Sadly, its injuries were just too extensive to repair. There were multiple fractures in the left wing, the left shoulder was dislocated, there were fractures in both the upper and lower jaws and the left hip was dislocated.

Education Team

After an incredibly busy week traveling to Waitsburg, Walla Walla, Baker City and Athena, the education team will stay home this coming week! 

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