Jul 21 - Jul 27

Thank You Pacific Power!

Bucket Truck.jpg

Walla Walla Pacific Power went above and beyond to put a nestling Swainson's Hawk back in the nest! It had fallen some 60 feet to the ground four days earlier. Miraculously it was not injured in the fall. Once back in the nest, it quickly snuggled up to its younger sibling. The nest also contained a dead starling and a dead rodent (lunch - yum yum!). The parents were quite vocal with their objections to having people so close to their nest.

More Swainson's

Adult Swainson's.jpg

Three more Swainson's Hawks were admitted this week. The first is an adult female from Yakima who was most likely hit by a car. She doesn't appear to have any broken bones, but did receive a head injury. Her balance seems OK and she is eating. Initially she could not control her left lower eyelid. The condition seems to be improving with supportive care and tincture of time. Hopefully we can get her back home soon as she has a brood patch, indicating there is a family awaiting her return.

Swainson's sibling.jpg

Two nestling Swainson's were admitted from Grandview. One was mauled by dogs who caused multiple fractures in both wings. The damage was too severe to repair. The other bird is uninjured and will join five other Swainson's Hawks already at the hack site.

Ione Library Summer Reading Program

There were 45 attendees when BMW brought live raptors to the Ione Library's Summer Reading Program. That's more than 10 percent of the population of this small eastern Oregon town! As always, the kids asked lots of great questions. Photographer Jay Reid contributed this photo.

Library Jay Reid.jpg

Changing of the Guard

We said goodbye to intern Megan this past week. She will have some amazing stories to share with fellow classmates when she returns to Oklahoma State University to begin the third year of veterinary school, including the one about a pelican. Below, Megan closes a wound on the wing of a pelican as McKinley monitors anesthesia.

Megan & McKinley.jpg

New intern Emily arrived just after Megan left. Intern October, who has already been here nearly two weeks, is helping Emily learn the routine. 

October & Emily.jpg

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