Jan 30 - Feb 5

The First Five Weeks of 2017

As I write this newsletter Sunday afternoon, Bob is on his way to Umatilla to pick up three birds. They will be the 57th, 58th and 59th birds of the year, nearly double the 30 birds admitted the first five weeks of 2016. I keep thinking our harsh winter, with more snow and longer bouts of extreme cold than usual, is the reason numbers are up. Hopefully fewer birds will need our services as winter turns to spring - I am an optimist!

More Red-tailed Hawks

RTHA 17-056

Red-tailed Hawks continue to be the most common bird admitted this year: five more this week to bring the total to 17.

Northern Goshawk 17-049

There was also a beautiful adult Goshawk from Sumpter that Tara brought to Pendleton. Sadly, its right wing was damaged beyond repair. If you compare the two wings in the radiograph below, in addition to the fractured humerus, the shoulder, elbow and wrist are also damaged.

GOHA 17-049 1


Great Horned Owl 17-052

A Great Horned Owl was hit by a car near Patterson, WA. Its right elbow was destroyed.

GHOW 17-052 1

American Kestrel 17-051

A female American Kestrel was found on the ground in the snow at the Walla Walla Penitentiary, unable to fly. By the time it was transported to Pendleton it seemed to have recovered and we could find no injuries. Samantha returned it to Walla Walla the following day. Finally, a happy ending!

AMKE 17-051 1

Northern Saw-whet Owl 17-031


This little owl was admitted two weeks ago with quite a headache. She is feeling much better now, although she probably has abnormal vision in her right eye.

Thank You Volunteers!

The volunteers have had a really busy month. I am so grateful for all they do, in all kinds of weather! Thank you to Laurel, Pam, Toni, Don and Valerie in the Tri-Cities, Mark and Shelly in Wapato, Roger, Ginger, Kathy and Holly in Walla Walla, Tara, Bill and Patty in Baker City, Chris in La Grande and Jeanie in Pendleton. Thank you also to the doctors and staff at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic, Animal Clinic East in Walla Walla, Prosser Animal Hospital and the Pet Health Clinic in Sunnyside. 

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