Jan 25 - Jan 31

Flying Free

On January 2nd, a Red-tailed Hawk was found on the ground near Enterprise, OR unable to fly. She did not want to open her right eye, but otherwise had no obvious injuries. We treated her for a head injury. It took nearly two weeks for her eye and her attitude to return to normal. She spent the next two weeks outside in a flight pen. On January 30th she hitched a ride back to Enterprise with Kelly Riggle for release. Kelly sent the picture below. Thank you Kelly! 

RTHA release cropped.jpg
RTHA cropped again.jpg

Spring Is In The Air

A Red-tailed Hawk was found in Selah, WA and was thought to have been shot - gunshots had been heard in the area earlier in the day. The bird’s wounds looked like they could have been caused by a shotgun blast, but there were no signs of metal in the x-ray. A likely explanation is the hawk was injured in a territorial dispute with another hawk. Hopefully a week of antibiotics and cage rest will allow him to recover.

RTHA Selah.jpg

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