Feb 23 - Mar 1

Eagle Nest Starter Kit

Eagle Nest.jpg

With materials donated by Artistic Treeworks in Richland, WA, volunteer Toni Faust is hoping BMW's resident Bald Eagles will participate in the home improvement project she has prepared for them. For several years the eagles have built a nest on the ground and laid two eggs which have never been fertile. Within two days the eagles were perching on the nest frame. It will be fun to see if they utilize this new nesting opportunity. Thank you Toni and Artistic Treeworks!

New Computer

New Computer.jpg

A very generous donation in the memory of Alex (Emily) Morris has provided Blue Mountain Wildlife with a new iMac computer. The old computer had served us well for nine years, but it could no longer be updated to run newer versions of software. We are deeply grateful for this generous gift. 

Red-tailed Hawk

The first day of March brought the 11th Red-tailed Hawk of the year. She was found perched on the carcass of a deer along a road near Goldendale, WA and made no attempt to fly off when passersby stopped to take a picture. 

RTHA 15-031.jpg

She was unable to be anesthetized for a thorough exam due to her full crop, but it was apparent that her right wing was broken. A small wound on the underside of the wing and a large, bloody wound on the upper surface of the wing is very suspicious of a gunshot wound. X-rays will be scheduled at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic to see if that is the case. 

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