Feb 2 - Feb 8

Raptor Handling Seminar: April 25 & 26, 2015

Sid BaldEagle.jpg

Blue Mountain Wildlife's annual spring seminar will be a two-day event this year. Sid Price, Avian Ambassadors - Flights of Education, will be the featured speaker during a two-day seminar tailored to handlers of live birds for public education. There will be a hands-on option for licensed rehabbers that includes handling permitted education birds. Anyone is welcome to audit the class with no hands-on participation. A registration brochure will soon be available with registration and lodging details.

Bald Eagle 15-015 Update

The oral chelation medication to remove lead from the eagle's blood worked very well. After 5 doses over a 5-day period his lead dropped from 22.3 micrograms/deciliter to 6 micrograms/deciliter. Unfortunately his wing fracture was not stable and it is going to need surgical repair. 

Great Horned Owl 15-014 Update

This owl suffered extensive burns on her right side after nearly being electrocuted. Two unsuccessful attempts were made to close a large tear in the skin with sutures, but the tissue around the sutures died both times. Now the wound is being flushed regularly and is healing as an open wound. Below, volunteer Zoe is recovering the owl from anesthesia.

Zoe & Owl.jpg

Volunteer Thank You's

In addition to Zoe, we had help this week from volunteers Jerri and Alex - lots of cage cleaning and gravel shoveling! Thank you Volunteers!

Learn About Winter Birds: Saturday at McNary National Wildife Refuge

Winter Birds 2015 flyer

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