Feb 16 - Feb 22

Red-tailed Hawk

X-rays taken of the hawk admitted a week ago show multiple fractures in the metacarpals of the right wing. The prognosis of having a fully functional wing is not good, but the bird is eating well and standing quietly on a perch so we will wait and see what happens.

RTHA rad.jpg

 Entrepreneurship Class for 4th Graders

The Education Team visited two 4th grade classes at Washington Elementary School. They are learning how to become entrepreneurs and the importance of giving back to their community in a program sponsored by Wildhorse Resort. The students are creating notecards to sell and have voted to donate the proceeds to Blue Mountain Wildlife. What a generous group of youngsters!

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Thank You Wildlife Support Charitable Trust

We are very grateful to the Wildlife Support Charitable Trust for their award of a $5,000 grant to Blue Mountain Wildlife. The funds will allow us to continue providing the very best medical care to injured wildlife.   

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