Feb 1 - Feb 7

Awesome Volunteer of the Week

Bill Hanley.jpg

Blue Mountain Wildlife has many dedicated volunteers. This past week volunteer Bill Hanley traveled more than 500 miles, making two trips to Pendleton from Baker City while transporting a Red-tailed Hawk, a Golden Eagle, a Great Horned Owl and a Bald Eagle.

On his first trip, Bill brought an injured Red-tailed Hawk to Pendleton and transported a Great Horned Owl and a young Golden Eagle to Eagle Falconers Joe and Cordi Atkinson near Vale. The Owl had recovered from a broken wing and was released. The Atkinsons will evaluate the eagle, which was found as a starving fledgling, and determine the best course of action to prepare him for release.

Unfortunately, the hawk did not fair as well. The tip of her right wing was severed. She would never fly again and was humanely euthanized.

RTHA Rad.jpg

When BIll delivered the Eagle and Owl to Joe and Cordi he picked up an immature Bald Eagle that had been brought to the Atkinsons the previous night. Bill turned around and made a second trip to Pendleton. 

The Eagle was anesthetized and examined as soon as he arrived in Pendleton.

BAEA 1.jpg

He had old wounds on his right shoulder and left elbow.

BAEA 2.jpg

A blood sample was taken and IV fluids were administered. The eagle’s blood lead level was 26.3 micrograms/dl, a toxic amount of lead, indicating he had eaten prey that had been shot with lead ammunition.

BAEA 1b.jpg

X-rays were taken of the eagle’s body and both wings.

BAEA 2b.jpg

The x-rays showed that the eagle had been shot. His left radius was fractured and the top of the right coracoid was shattered. The shoulder could not be repaired and was likely very painful.

BAEA 3.jpg

After consulting with Dr. Jeff Cooney, euthanasia was determined to be the kindest option. This is the second gunshot Bald Eagle of the year.

BAEA 4.jpg

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