Dec 5 - Dec 11


What a week we’ve had. There was the first snow day of the fall. Winnie demonstrates great form with the roof rake!

Winnie & Snow (1)

Prairie Falcon

A Prairie Falcon who had been hit by a car died shortly after admission. Necropsy findings included a broken back, hemorrhaging in both lungs and parasites in the abdominal air sacs. The poor bird was doomed from the start.

Prairie parasites.001

Two More Gunshot Birds

An adult Red-tailed Hawk was shot with a shotgun. He would never be able to fly again and was euthanized. 

RTHA rad.001

A Barred Owl’s right wrist and shoulder were damaged when she was shot. She also has an advanced case of frounce, caused by a giardia-like parasite, that may not respond to treatment. Cheesy lesions form in the mouth and can spread to other tissues. If the lesions get large eough the bird is unable to eat.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl rad.001

Rough-legged Hawk

The first Rough-legged Hawk of the year was admitted after being hit by a car. It appears to have a fractured femur. The damage is too close to the joint to be repaired surgically. We will see what happens with cage rest. Both hawks and the owl also tested positive for low levels of lead in their blood.

RLHA rad.001

Golden Eagle

A Golden Eagle was found near a road unable to stand. No injuries were found during the exam or on a radiograph, but the eagle has a massively high blood lead level of 372 micrograms/deciliter. We have begun chelation therapy to remove the lead, but the prognosis is not good. Lead effects nerves which is why the eagle is paralyzed.

GOEA 16-896 1
Chris & GOEA

Thank You

Even during challenging weeks, there is much to be thankful for. This week volunteers helped transport birds from throughout the region. Thank you to Mark in Yakima, Toni, Pam and Laurel in the Tri-Cities, Holly, Roger and Ginger in Walla Walla, Tara and Bill in Baker City, Bob in Pendleton and Chris in La Grande.

Thank you to the doctors and staff at the Pet Health Clinic in Sunnyside, Prosser Animal Clinic, Animal Clinic East in Walla Walla, Ontario Animal Hospital,  Pendleton Veterinary Clinic and consultant, Dr. Jeff Cooney.

Special thanks to all who have renewed their BMW membership or made a year-end donation. We couldn’t do what we do without your generous support!

Thank You also to the Clara and Art Bald Trust for a $2,000 grant for 2017 expenses. 

Stella says don’t forget to bundle up before going outside!


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