Dec 12 - Dec 18

Thank You BMW Family


We know you are constantly bombarded with requests for money from many worthwhile organizations, so we try to keep those requests to a minimum. Our annual request for membership renewal went out last week and many of you have already generously responded. Your gifts received at this time will fund next year’s activities. 

The education team will travel to dozens of schools. Our lead monitoring program will expand. A new crop of interns will come to learn and go away to accomplish amazing things, and 100’s of birds needing help will be found by you and other concerned members of the public. With your support, BMW will have the resources to care for them. 

After a week like this past one, where we battled not only cold and snow, but saw the carnage caused by people who would shoot five protected raptors and leave them to die a slow, agonizing death, your financial support and kind words remind me there are far more thoughtful and caring people in the world than  otherwise. I am very thankful for each of you. 

Three More Gunshot Birds 

This Red-tailed Hawk was found near Adams, OR. The fractures in the right wing were not repairable and the bird was euthanized.

RTHA 16-908 1

This Rough-legged Hawk was found near Milton-Freewater, OR. It had a huge wound on the left side of its chest caused by the exit of a projectile (bullet). The bird died from loss of blood shortly after admission.

RLHA 16-909 rad.001

Another Rough-legged Hawk was found along side the road on Whittaker Flats, south of Pilot Rock. The bird must have been shot with a high-powered rifle. Nearly 1/3 of the hawks wing is gone, including the elbow joint. She was humanely euthanized.

RLHA 16-910 1

A Final Sad Note

The Golden Eagle admitted last week, died from the effects of lead poisoning.

GOEA lead

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