Aug 4 - Aug 10

Swainson's release

On our way to the Richland Public Library to do a program, we stopped at the Tri-Cities Center and released an adult Swainson's Hawk who had been admitted two weeks earlier with a head injury. There was no hesitation when Bob opened up the box!

Swainsn's release.jpg

Kestrel flies free...

The week ended on a high note with the return of a young American Kestrel to his family. He had been found on the ground two weeks ago, too young to fly. Emily released the Kestrel.

Emily & Kestrel release.jpg

A few seconds later October took this amazing photo.

Kestrel release.jpg

The Kestrel disappeared behind a tree as a second Kestrel made a beeline to the same location. We heard no cries of alarm from the youngster so assume it was a happy family reunion.

Sadly, there were plenty of lows this week. Of the 17 admissions, 5 of 10 raptors: 2 Barn Owls, a Cooper's Hawk and 2 Swainson's Hawk were injured too badly to save. A Northern Harrier, Golden Eagle, Osprey, Peregrine Falcon and Great Horned Owl are still hospitalized. Both the Harrier and Peregrine Falcon (below) have metacarpal fractures in a wing and will be x-rayed at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic this week.

Prairie Falcon.jpg

A Meadowlark and Hummingbird died of injuries caused by a cat. A Nighthawk will hopefully recover from its encounter with a cat.


More good news...

The splint was removed from the Kestrel whose broken leg was the result of metabolic bone disease, and his leg has healed (his right leg was fractured)! 

Kestrel after splint.jpg

The Red-tailed Hawk admitted two months ago after being electrocuted has been moved outside. She will not be able to fly well enough to be released, but her recovery has been remarkable.

Electrocution RTHA BPA.jpg

Raptor program at McKay Creek Estates

If you are in the Pendleton area and would like to meet some of BMW's raptor ambassadors, join us at McKay Creek Estates on Thursday at 1:30 pm 

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