Aug 22 - Aug 28

Killdeer Flies Free

RTHA Samantha release 1

After multiple unsuccessful efforts to remove the fish hook from the Killdeer, the decision was made to release the bird. It was admitted weighing a thin 68 grams and released at a plump 84 grams. The hook seemed to be firmly anchored in the esophagus and was not effecting the bird’s ability to eat. Surgery was not an option. It was getting feistier by the day. Upon release, it headed straight for McKay Reservoir, about one-half mile away as the Killdeer flies.

Killdeer to Resv


Flycatcher Releases

We drove up McKay Creek to Gene and Marilyn Cripe’s and released the two tiny Flycatchers in Marilyn’s Bird Garden. Lloyd Cripe captured the releases.

Flycatcher Release-1
Flycatcher Release-2

Red-tailed Hawk Releases

The next day two Red-tailed Hawks were released at the Center. Samantha released the first bird. She quickly climbed and began soaring in large circles.

RTHA & Samantha
RTHA & Samantha 2


New intern Natalie released hawk number two.

RTHA & Natalie release.001

Douglas Squirrels Update

The squirrels are growing like crazy and they do like to play with their food. 

D Squirrels

They also like to sleep in their hammocks. Samantha has given them three to choose from. They like them all. There are three heads poking out of this one: Pink, Green and Blank (they are color coded to tell them apart).

Ssquirrrels in hammock

In Memory of Wayne Boob

We were saddened by the death this past week of dedicated BMW volunteer Wayne Boob. Wayne transported many hawks and owls from the Yakima area. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. Toni Faust took the photo below of Wayne releasing a Red-tailed Hawk at the Yakima Arboretum earlier this year.

Wayne Boob


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