Aug 15 - Aug 21

Flammulated Owl - A TIny Fledgling


The Flammulated Owl is the smallest owl in the Pacific Northwest, with an average weight range of 45 to 63 grams. This little guy weighed 41 grams on admission (1.5 ounces). Two days later, when this photo was taken, he weighs 49 grams - apparently meal worms are very tasty! Most small owls eat insects, but they also eat small animals like mice and voles. Flammulated Owls eat insects almost exclusively. This explains why they like to spend winters in Mexico. They live in pine forests of the west during the summer months.

The owl, a fledgling, was found near Sumpter, Oregon. He was dropped off at the Forest Service office in Prairie City, transported to the ODFW office in John Day, then to Ukiah where Bob picked him up. He may have crash landed while learning to fly. We will take a radiograph this week to get a better idea of his condition.

Killdeer Saga

We tried various methods to remove the fish hook from the Killdeer this past week, all to no avail. The main accomplishment was getting a piece of tubing stuck on the hook, and then not being able to remove either the hook or the tubing. Fortunately the Killdeer regurgitated the tubing the next day so we are back where we started. The hook appears to be well anchored in the wall of the esophagus. The Killdeer has a hearty appetite, is gaining weight and is very active. Releasing it with the internal bling may be the best option.

Killdeer & tubing

Cooper’ Hawk - Gunshot Victim #25 In 2016

This young Cooper’s Hawk was shot in a residential neighborhood in Kennewick, WA. The injuries were not repairable.

Cooper fxs.001

Western Screech Owl - Window Strike/Cat Attack

Rehabbers try and document the cause of injury of their patients. Its not always possible, but window  strikes and cat attacks are two of the biggest categories. I think we need to add Window Strike/Cat Attack to the list. We have documented several cases this year that fit the criteria, including a Western Screech Owl this week. If you compare the two shoulders in the radiograph below you can see that the right shoulder is swollen and more dense (whiter) than the left shoulder. The owls right eye is also injured. These conditions likely occurred when the owl hit a window. A cat, perhaps having figured out that windows are a great source of prey/toys, then pounced on the owl, inflicting multiple bite wounds before taking the owl into its owners house. We are hopeful the owl will recover sufficiently to be released.

Screech  shoulder.001
Screech Eye

Join Us At The Yakima Arboretum 

If you are in the Yakima Valley area, please join Bob and I at the Yakima Audubon meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, August 25, 2016 at the Yakima Arboretum. We will be presenting a program about Blue Mountain Wildlife that night.

Guns Germs Steel.001

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