Apr 27 - May 3

First Swainson’s Hawk of 2015

A small adult male Swainson’s Hawk appears to have been electrocuted. He has burns on his back above his tail in the area of the uropygial or preen gland. This gland is important in helping the bird water-proof his feathers. He also lost the halux talon of his left foot. Hopefully the talon will grow back without being deformed and the uropygial gland will be intact. Time will tell.

Uropygial Gland.001.jpg
Swainson's talon.jpg

More Barn Owls

And the Barn Owls keep coming as more hay is sold and loaded onto trucks. The current count at the hack site is 126.

Barn Owl nestlings.jpg

More Great Horned Owls

We have never had so many young Great Horned Owls. With the exception of the first four who were found on a load of hay, they have come in one at a time from all over eastern Oregon and southeastern Washington. Unfortunately the owls are nesting too close to people, too close to major roads and/or in areas of heavy foot traffic. The current total is 15 owlets.

6 GHOW babies.jpg

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